About Us

CHAVITA is an organization registered in the United Republic of Tanzania, formed by Deaf people themselves in 1984 who wanted to see a society in which equality and rights for Deaf people are observed. CHAVITA has its headquarters in Dar es Salaam with branches located in 17 regions. Our goal is to improve the living standard of Deaf people through mobilization, participation and education of the Deaf, and wider community, through advocacy for equality and human rights for the Deaf people, and by developing Tanzanian Sign Language.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
To advance and promote access to all human and citizenship rights among Deaf community in Tanzania, and to advocate for reduction and alleviation of all barriers constraining their access and engagement of those rights, so that Deaf people can realise their full potentials, improve their quality of life and be full productive members of the society.

Our vision
To have an empowered and well informed Deaf community and a Tanzania community which has a conducive and supportive environment for deaf people to access and enjoy their rights, fulfill their potential and be productive members of the society.

Main Goal
Quality of life of Deaf people in Tanzania mainland improved through realization of human and citizenship rights.

Core Purpose
Capacity of CHAVITA and its members to promote their life standard is strengthened.

Statement of Need

Deaf people in Tanzania are often isolated and stigmatized within their community and as result tend to be among the poorest. Deaf women and children in particular are poor by all dimension of poverty Deaf people are more likely to have income below the poverty line and have no assets to cushion themselves against shocks, they are more vulnerable socially and economically, they are more likely to have lower education and poorer health, and to be poorly nourished, they are outside of social services and social security, they are segregated, discriminated against and denied the rights to use their own language.

Core Values

Innovation & Development
Mutual respect

Supporting and empowering Deaf, persons’ rights to decide and achieve their goals, determining the focus of programs and services. The organisation is therefore committed to acquire in-depth understanding of what matters to Deaf people and to develop services and partnerships that Deaf people need.

Supporting and empowering individual beneficiaries to make informed decisions and determining for themselves their appropriate personal and professional goals.

We believe provision of fluid communication is the utmost gap the organisation needs to support to fill. Focus is therefore on ensuring Deaf people are being linguistically and fully communication accessible to all members of the community. The organisation is the therefore committed to further development, promotion and advocacy for adoption and wider utilisation of TSL.

Continual endeavor to create an environment where Deaf people increasingly take charge of their lives as capable independent participants.

We acknowledge and appreciate the contributions a wide -range of stakeholders make and in various ways work with us and support the work we do. We are committed to deliver on our promises and consistently being honest to ourselves and with our stakeholders.

We are dedicated to continue improvement in all we do, and embrace creativity, and innovation for efficiency and more effective achievement of our mission and vision.

Mutual respect between and among Deaf people, and between and among Deaf and the community at large is core to the success of all other values.